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New thinking, challenging ideas and renowned speakers will return to the heart of the exhibition, in two Ecobuild Arenas! This year the programme will be split into three key themes, read on to find out more...

Shigeru Ban speaking at the 2014 conference


Good design is the key to successfully delivering a sustainable built environment. This includes designing buildings that don’t overheat, are energy efficient and comfortable and attractive to occupiers. This year’s Stirling Prize winning building, the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool is a perfect example of how to get this right. Its architect, Steve Tompkins will discuss the approach of his practice, Haworth Tompkins to sustainable design with the Independent’s architecture critic Jay Merrick. Research is beginning to reveal features associated with sustainable buildings including natural ventilation, generous daylight and views of nature improve occupier’s well being and productivity. Quantifying these benefits and feeding the lessons into new buildings will be explored in this year’s conference programme.

Greg Barker MP speaking at the 2014 conference

Delivering Sustainable Buildings – Construction and Energy

Ensuring buildings are delivered cost effectively, efficiently and perform as designed is an essential element of creating a more sustainable built environment. Getting this right is a big challenge for the industry as today’s low energy buildings are like a high performance car – all the elements need to work in harmony to deliver optimum performance. We will be asking whether the industry has the right skills to deliver these buildings and why it is so difficult to get innovative ideas from the laboratory onto site.

Paul Kind & Edward Davey MP

The Future of the Global Built Environment

The future of the global built environment covers all the big issues that are needed for the successful, sustainable functioning of global communities. This includes the security and supply of sustainable forms of energy and transport and water provision. With an election in May we will be asking the main political parties how they intend to deliver the low carbon energy infrastructure we need and whether a long term national resilience plan is the best way to manage the risks from a changing climate. As so much of our sustainability policy is driven by European legislation we will debate the impacts on our built environment if threats to leave the European Union materialise.

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The conference debates the big issues that determine and affect the realisation of a sustainable, successful built environment. A successful built environment is comprised of buildings that are attractive, comfortable and promote the well being of the occupiers. These buildings should be durable and have minimal environmental impact during construction and be energy efficient. These should form part of successful communities that are prosperous, have low environmental impact, resilient against economic shock and the effects of climate change and promote the wellbeing of residents.

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