Redefining Sustainability

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Building capacity: skills, training and products for retrofit and refurbishment market
10:30 - 11:45
Director of Industry and Community Training
Saint Gobain
Programme Manager for Energy
Greater London Authority
Head of Learning & Innovation
UK Green Building Council
Melius Homes and Green Construction Board
Retrofit Academy and the Symposium on Sustainable Refurbishment
Senior Energy Consultant
The BRE Academy

This session explores how requirements for refurbishment and retrofit will provide opportunities for skilled workers and new products. What exactly are the opportunities and what skills be required for installers and construction in general and an overview of the Sustainable Training Guide from The Green Construction Board.

Chair: Cat Hirst


  • Current status of skills and training in the retrofit market: size of the opportunity: David Pierpoint
  • How to build the right capacity: Shenaaz Chenai
  • What training is available: Pauline Traeto and Rob Lambe
  • RE:NEW - GLA's energy efficiency programme for London homes: Ben Coombes and George Simms 
UK-GBC and WorldGBC – Healthy homes
12:00 - 13:15
World Green Building Council
Residential Sector Director
Saint Gobain
Senior Sustainability Advisor
UK-Green Building Council
Associate, Acoustics

Hear the latest from the World GBC and UK-GBC on their work on Health and Wellbeing in Homes, including the latest evidence of the links between health and wellbeing and housing, and plans for a ‘Homes Wellbeing Lab’ in the UK.

Chairs: Colin Powell


  • Jo Wheeler,
  • Stacey Temprell
  • Phillip Wright
Regeneration: can retrofit be part of the solution?
13:30 - 14:30
Manufacturing Director
Melius Homes
SmartKlub Ltd
Marketing Manager – Commercial
UK Green Building Council
Head of Regeneration Projects

A debate on whether the current drive for area-wide regeneration of estates and low-income housing can be used as a vehicle to retrofit homes, reduce carbon and reduce energy bills.

Chair: Rich Twinn


  • Charles Bradshaw-Smith
  • Peter Howard
  • Alex Willey
  • David Adams


Building resilient communities
14:45 - 15:45
Director for Uk Energy and Engineering
Spie & GCB
CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group and University of Reading
Architect and CIBSE member
Director of Resilience
Market development director
Senior Engineer Urban Green Space
Polypipe and Permavoid Holland

Our communities and organisations together need to recognise the essential priority for collective resilience of our urban environments. Buildings are a fundamental part of society’s infrastructure. This session will explore how best to build resilience into built environment in growing challenge of climate change, natural resource depletion and urban density.  

Chair: George Adams 


  • Stephen Garvin
  • Phil Henry
  • Julie Futcher
  • Prof. Derek Clements Croombe
  • Joris Voeten