GB United Kingdom
Stand No: R7010
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3070

We have been developing our portfolio of specialist membranes for over 25 years, and can provide condensation control and air barrier solutions for all areas of the building envelope, for varying projects.

With increasing emphasis on the airtightness of the building envelope across the industry, the successful management of moisture vapour and air movement within all types of structure is more critical than it has ever been.

With our many years of experience, and a dedicated team of technical advisors, the A. Proctor Group can provide the wide range of solutions needed to meet even the most complex project requirements.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E1274

Abcot UK LTD t/a Electric Boilers Company

Electric Boilers Company together with Fiamma has created an innovative solution for providing central heating and hot water. Elektra electric combi boilers work exactly like gas combi boilers with instant delivery of hot water, whilst proving to be efficient and saving users money on energy bills. The aim of this venture was to simplify electric boilers and their installation, whilst guaranteeing all users high quality and optimum safety. Elektra boilers come with all components built in and are easy to install.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E7092

Accredited Passivhaus Design provide certified Passivhaus and architectural services for those building to the low energy Passivhaus standard. We can explain how minimal fuel use and exceptionally healthy and comfortable interiors can be designed into your projects. We have designed award-winning dwellings as well as educational, community and commercial projects.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E4318

AceOn Group is a Telford-headquarted company which has been dedicated to the R&D, production, innovation and market integration of new products within the battery energy storage and electrical socket markets. Products include 1000 watt portable solar generator, static energy storage systems ranging from kilowatt to megawatt and a new electrical socket design never seen before.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E2040, E7200

ACO is a world leader in the design and development of award-winning surface water management systems, high performance stormwater control and hygienic and corrosion resistant building drainage systems. For more information visit www.aco.co.uk

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Stand No: E4135
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E1178

Thinking about thermal bridging? Advanced Details is a comprehensive database of construction details complete with their thermal performance. Search interactively from thousands of details to get the exact psi values for your design and pass your SAP assessments more easily. Collect details into a project, calculate your Y value, download a report and CAD files. Share and collaborate with others inside and outside your organisation.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E1140, E1144, E2125, E2130, E2140

Vienna has been top of the Mercer Quality of Living Survey for the last six years. In Austria comfort in buildings is a top priority. Passivhaus or low energy building methods are standard. 33% energy consumption is from renewables and district heating is common is cities and rural communities. Across Austria there are numerous smart city schemes. Austrian engineered timber technology has been pushing boundaries in residential and high-rise construction in Austria and in the UK.

Find out more on the Austrian Pavilion.

IT Italy
Stand No: E5152

Since 1979 Afon Casa is specialized in producing innovative building materials.
Trough the years Afon Casa has studied some very special products that provvide thermo-acoustic insulation, eliminate humidity and help prevent loss of life during earthquakes. Energy-saving, eco-friendly constructions, healthy and secure living quarters have always been the foremost concern for the team of Engineers at Afon Casa.

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Stand No: E5072
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E5288

Winners of the ‘Innovation in Environmental Technology’ award at the coveted 2014 Environment and Energy Awards, Airius are air circulation experts specialising in destratification systems.

As world-leaders in destratification technology, with over 100,000 units sold worldwide, Airius have helped thousands of businesses make substantial savings, reducing heating/cooling costs by 20%-50% by maximising the performance of ALL types of heating/cooling/HVAC equipment. Airius destratification systems can be installed into ANY space/room/building between 2.5m-40m high, from offices to aircraft hangars.

Destratification is recognised as one of the most ground-breaking and cost-effective solutions to reducing energy, supported by research conducted by utility giant DTE Energy, finding thermal stratification to be the single biggest waste of energy in buildings today, as well as by the Carbon Trust, who recommend destratification as one of its top 3 carbon saving measures.

For further information or to request your free survey please call 01202 554200 or email airflow@airius.co.uk.

FI Finland
Stand No: E4216
RU Russia
Stand No: E6094
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3254

Altecnic is the UK’s leading independent supplier of the highest quality, precision plumbing and heating solutions. Altecnic leads the way in technical innovation and backed by our manufacturing partner Caleffi, creates market leading solutions that deliver lifetime cost savings and outstanding value.

Our range includes:
• Thermostatic mixing valves
• Expansion vessels
• Air and dirt removal
• Safety relief valves
• Backflow preventers
• Thermostatic radiator valves
• Pressure reducing valves
• Lever ball valves
• Flow regulators
• Filling loops
• Y pattern strainers
• And many other accessories...

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Stand No: E4105
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E7227

amBX makes unique software to delivers intelligent dynamic lighting control for the Connected Lighting revolution about to take place. Realtime control of tuneable white lights with circadian rhythm and energy savings out of the box. intuitive and User interfaces and vastly reduced setup times and costs are all part of the amBX package.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3080

Ancon designs and manufactures essential steel components providing strength and stability to buildings and structures around the world. Trusted for their integrity, reliability and compliance, Ancon steel fixings are precision-manufactured to perform in the most demanding concrete and masonry applications.

Ancon applies its technical expertise to create the most efficient, cost-effective and high-performance components for construction projects, including architecturally ambitious high-rise developments, landmark sporting stadia and major infrastructure schemes, such as bridges and tunnels.

TW Taiwan
Stand No: E4302
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E1190

What’s the similarity between a helicopter and AQUABION®?
Simple, they have both been invented by members of the same family in Germany.
In 2003 Marc Flettner perfected and patented a better water treatment system to challenge salt-based water softeners with a product that you could fit and forget without the need for power, chemicals or salt.
In 1936 Marc’s great uncle, Anton Flettner, perfected and let the first practical single rotor helicopter fly, four years before the Russian Igor Sikorsky. He also invented the Flettner trim tab used on many aircraft today and the Flettner rotary ventilator that is widely used on buses, vans, boats, campervans and trucks to assist cooling without the use of energy. Some large freight ships use it nowadays again and save Diesel.
So come to AQUABION® on Stand E1190 and see the 2016 range of energy-saving, lime scale-beating products.

BE Belgium
Stand No: E1112

Archi-Europe is the unique direct communication platform towards European architects (currently over 187.000 architect members). It has developed over the years considerable experience in organizing contests and events in the field of architecture and is currently developing strong partnerships with selected International Construction & Architecture fairs.

Archi-Europe also organizes the Archi-World® Academy Awards, the largest contest for students in architecture involving 1.200 schools worldwide. More information on www.archi-europe.com and www.awacademy.org

MY Malaysia
Stand No: E2200

ARCHI RANGE OF PRODUCTS established in 2005, Archi-Foam Sdn Bhd which formed by the industry player from the field of construction and consultant quantity surveying with the vision to produce with innovative and quality building materials and products which enable to achieve the following objectives : a) High productivity b) Easy installation c) Manufactured to precise specifications d) Better Quality and workmanship e) Less Labour Intensive f) Reduce Cost g) Lightweight Over Conventional with Concrete h) Consistent Dimension and Quality i) Versalite Archi-Foam Sdn Bhd which leading by a team of shilled and dedicated people committed to excel in the design and manufacture of building material and products, as well as to have constant improvements in the products and services to meet the requirements of the construction industry.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E5116
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3166
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E2150

Arden Windows Ltd are a UK based manufacturer and installer of high quality timber window and door-sets. We offer a full range of made to measure timber windows and external doors. We also offer a wide variety of window and door combinations including arched, raked heads, round and oval windows, screens and bay configurations.

All of our products may be tailored to site specific requirements and our surveying, delivery and installation services will adapt according to your needs. Whether it’s one plot, one site or a multi-site contract, our team will deliver what you want, when you want it. Arden also work with local authorities and Housing Associations in the refurbishment sector, replacing windows in schools, flats and street properties.

Please come and visit us on stand E2150 where we will be exhibiting several of our products and staff will be on hand to assist you with your fenestration requirements.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E1174
SE Sweden
Stand No: E3130b
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E1270

Arkaya is a market leader in high-performance Solar Thermodynamic System & Hot water storage solutions in both Glass Lined and Stainless steel materials throughout the UK and Ireland. The product are able to offer open vented, unvented and thermal store solutions for domestic hot water as well as offering stainless steel, and glass lined mild steel for commercial, industrial clarifiers whether in standard, bespoke or one-off format.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: R9085

Arkitech manufactures single and multi-size light gauge steel Framer machines in Turkey. These fully automated roll formers are offered to the global construction market together with Arkitech's proprietary design and production software. Arkitech system is delivered with extensive training and support sessions and long-term warranty conditions. For further information on Arkitech system and products please contact Gunes Goler at gunesgoler@arkitech.com.tr

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E4284

With more than 1000 employees worldwide, operating seven manufacturing facilities on three continents, Armstrong Fluid Technology is known around the world as a leader and innovator in design, engineering and manufacturing of integrated solutions within the building oriented fluid-flow equipment industry. Armstrong products are internationally recognized for design quality, long service life, and operating economy.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: R8030

Armstrong Ceilings is debuting at Resource 2016 AND delivering a presentation in the exhibition’s #buildcircular learning hub seminar. Armstrong’s sustainability manager Jeremy Sumeray will talk on the Wednesday (March 9th) about how specifiers can take lifecycle into account in specification via the use of appropriate materials and resource-efficient product design. He will also discuss how these factors drive innovation, what the motives are and what the payback is for owners, using case studies that show how Armstrong has recycled old ceilings and installed Cradle to Cradle-certified products to provide safe, healthy and endlessly reusable materials as lifecycle thinking in practice. Armstrong’s stand (R8030) at the event, will reinforce the company’s position as the world’s first mineral ceiling tile manufacturer to win Cradle to Cradle certification for a single tile, and then a complete range, as well as its pioneering of ceiling recycling schemes in the UK.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E7048

Artizans of Wood believe in building sustainably; treading lightly on the landscape delivering homes and structures that suit modern-day living. We use sustainably grown timber from local managed woodlands such as Sweet Chestnut, Larch and Western Red Cedar, all of which weather naturally and age to blend into their surroundings. Timber like this, used in the round, marries strength and beauty to create buildings that can either stand alone or sit comfortably alongside a more traditional structure. Our buildings combine timber frames with straw bale or wool insulation and lime plaster, creating results that are tactile, natural, sustainable and inspiring.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3274

Biomass Boilers by Ponast & Verner - Regulus Parts.
We supply installers across the UK backed up with kits, full support, training, design & specification services.
If you are a small installer who needs confidence and support as well as parts and boilers - visit us at Ecobuild

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E5160

AIMMP - Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries’
mission is to represent, promote and defend the interests of the companies
belonging to the five sectorial divisions that comprise the Tier Wood and
Furniture: cutting, felling, sawing and wood packaging; panels and paneled
wood, carpentry and the like; furniture and the like, and export, import and
distribution of wood and derivatives.

These industries account for 2 billion euros of sales volume and export
1.1 billion euros, with the furniture, wood panels, products for construction
(doors and floors) and woods of pine and eucalyptus, in roundwood and
sawn, mainly responsible for these values. As part of the Transformation
Forest Row, which is responsible in Portugal for about 4% of national
GDP, 11% of industrial GDP, 9% of industrial employment and 10% of
national exports, the Wood and Furniture Industries is the most important socioeconomics of the Portuguese.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3162

Back to Earth provides essential knowledge, materials and support to those seeking to improve building performance.

We help make more durable, resilient, ecological, and energy-efficient buildings that are optimised for occupant comfort and health. We specialise in dramatically reducing our clients energy demand through utilising high-performance, low-energy building materials and methods.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E4189

The British Association of Landscape Industries, is established to promote, support and inspire all professional landscapers, garden designers and landscape suppliers to be leaders of an environmentally, ethically, and commercially sustainable landscape industry.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E2180

Barbour ABI is an expert provider of construction market insight and intelligence. Data partner of Ecobuild, Barbour ABI is also responsible for collating, maintaining and publishing the UK Government’s Construction and Infrastructure Pipeline and is the provider of the country’s Construction New Orders data on behalf of the Office for National Statistics. Choose Barbour ABI to supply the intelligence you need to drive your marketing and business development activity – come and see us on stand E2180.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E2180

Barbour Product Search is an interactive, online building product search platform for the construction, architectural and interiors sectors. Advertisers can promote their company and products using the digital marketing service which includes a company profile as well as promotion through e-newsletters, social media and content sharing. Come and see us on stand E2180 and find out how our partnership with leading brands Barbour ABI, Building, BD and Ecobuild strengthens our reach to key decision makers.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3115
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3062

BASF Construction Chemicals will be showcasing their Green Sense Concrete Solution – The Concrete Technology for Sustainable Construction as well as their Sustainable Resin Flooring Solutions - MasterTop PUre floor designs.

We create chemistry for sustainable construction!

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E7104

The Bat Conservation Trust is the leading NGO solely devoted to the conservation of bats and the landscapes on which they rely.
Bats play a vital role in our environment but during the last century bat populations suffered severe declines, due to threats such as roost loss.
All British bat species make use of built structures, for some species they are essential as roost sites. Therefore, the actions of the building and associated industries can have a huge impact on populations of bats in the UK.
In recognising the importance of the building sector to bat conservation, BCT identified the need for a specific role to effect a positive change and created the Bats and Built Environment Project.
This project acts to bridge the communication gap that exists between conservation and the building sector. The main areas of the project relate to technical expertise, relationship building, communication and business development.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E4090

Baumit is a leading European brand renowned for sustainable, high performance plaster, paints, render and external wall insulation. Baumit Ltd, UK joins over 30 countries worldwide in offering the most extensive colour range including the innovative ‘cool pigments’ range of topcoats, allowing dark colours to be applied to EWI systems.

AT Austria
Stand No: E2125
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E4268

Baystar are Renewable Energy and Facilities Management experts with over 20 years experience in the consultation, installation and maintenance of residential, large domestic and commercial facilities. Amongst our list of comprehensive services, we have carried out a number of M&E projects in the South East including commercial boilers, heat recovery, cooling / chillers and renewables (ground / air source heat pumps, biomass and PV). In particular, we specialise in M&E installations and hard services repairs and servicing.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E7330

We are one of the UK’s leading wholesalers of all associated components for the fitting and operation of solar PV installations, offering a huge range of high quality, excellent value products including an extensive range of well-known and respected industry names.

We will be showcasing a number of new energy storage products at Ecobuild this year. As well as showing the newest LG modules at the LG Café, we will be introducing the brand new SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit and SolarEdge StorEdge interface that both work with the Tesla Powerwall. The Fronius Symo Hybrid and battery storage solution will also be displayed along with Delta’s 50kW commercial string inverter that has built in surge protection.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E2180

Bdonline is the independent voice of the architecture profession. With over 280,000 visits to their website every month and more than 30,000 newsletter subscribers, bdonline offers the largest coverage of any architecture industry title in the UK and is also lead media partner of Ecobuild. Come and see us on stand E2180 to learn more.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E1134
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3292

Bentley Fire Shop is the sole UK distributor for the unique Central Boiler range of outdoor woodburning gasification boilers.

These outstanding biomass boilers make heating with log wood simple and efficient.

Connect to your new or existing heating system via a plate heat exchanger and without the need for an accumulator/ buffer tank, using single phase electric supply.

Ideal for heating domestic and commercial properties, single and multiple units, greenhouses, barns, holiday lets, etc, these boilers are comfortable in a variety of applications involving water to water, and water to air, heating systems and include MCS, RHI, and HETAS approved models.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E5054, E5055

Bilco UK Ltd are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Roof Access Hatches, CE marked Natural Smoke Ventilators, Floor Doors, Fixed Vertical and Retractable Ladders. With a quarter of a century experience in supplying the UK construction industry, Bilco has an established reputation with specifiers and contractors for delivering high quality products backed up by exceptional service. Our technical estimator is available to give advice on the most appropriate product for any given situation and can also advise on any legal requirements (for example the legislation surrounding natural smoke vents covered by the latest CPR).
Bilco products have been used in numerous high profile projects including the Shard, British Museum, Houses of Parliament, The Scottish Riverside Museum, and many hospitals, schools, universities and commercial buildings. In fact, for any project that requires safe roof access or smoke ventilation, you will find that there is a Bilco product that suits the task.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E5228

At Billi, we design and manufacture a range of energy
efficient filtered water systems that offer our customers the
very best in innovation, superior performance and reliability.
For more than 25 years, we have maintained a commitment
to excellence and quality that is second to none. Our award
winning filtered water systems are preferred by designers
and architects for their elegant styling and space saving design.
Billi launched the world’s first under counter boiling and
chilled water system in the early 1990s.
Today, we continue to innovate. And importantly,
all our products continue to incorporate improved
eco-technology features.
From design to manufacture, distribution and installation,
every Billi water system is created to last. We offer premium
after sales assistance and product support, ensuring that our
valued relationship with our customers doesn’t end at purchase.
Billi, the number one refreshment solution in the UK.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E6221
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3130b
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E5162

Biotecture Supplies, installs and maintains green infrastructure. We are an innovative, UK based company, managing projects across the country, as well as mainland Europe, North America and the Middle East.
Our Vision is to transform urban architecture for the well-being of people and the planet. We welcome commissions and construction contracts both large and small, from private, public and commercial clients. We work on principles of collaboration, integrity and excellence, believing that our shared experience will bring the best results.
Biotecture enjoys continued demand from a wide range of clients and, since its establishment in 2007, has seen steady growth. Our core offering remains our own modular, hydroponic living wall system.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E7111, E7112

Award winning designers/manufacturers of integral Bird and Bat Boxes.

UA Ukraine
Stand No: E5151

Interior Doors Producer

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E3032
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E7102