Resource efficiency is an imperative. Circular economy modelling is driving this forward.

Circular economy thinking is holistic. New solutions and good ideas are arising from sharing and collaboration. We look at how to save and make money through reducing waste, recycling, recovery and repair, plus closing the loop with smarter design and manufacturing. Tailor-made conference and learning programmes will discuss solutions to specific problems and develop macro strategy to capitalise on new commercial opportunities as we help businesses take steps towards resource efficiency and the circular economy.

  • Non-destructive building techniques and materials
  • Financing structures surrounding ownership, materials and recovery
  • Recyclability of materials, manufacturer responsibility and the benefits of considering end of life
  • Packaging optimisation and recyclability
  • Leasing over selling – new income and profit models
  • Material choices, recovery and circular economy thinking


Resource #buildcircular session

The 2017 #BuildCircular learning hub programme will outline the huge wins to be had by applying circular thinking in the construction sector.


#Thinkcircular at Ecobuild

Thought leaders from across Europe share the latest thinking, insight and analysis around corporate resource efficiency and circular economy modelling.


 Resource workshops

From finance to sustainable business modelling, policy to manufacturing, world-leading workshops let you dive deep to discuss and learn with industry experts.