Adam Crossley - Director of Environment - Skanska UK

Don't lose focus on the environment

By Adam Crossley, Director of Environment at Skanska UK. What businesses think sustainability is has widened into a whole range of interconnected social and environmental issues, but it is important...
Darren Richards

Explore offsite at Ecobuild

Here’s one we made earlier The offsite sector is still in its infancy but a future in which robots manufacture complete building elements does not have to remain a pipe dream – we need to commit...

Check out the competition

By Imogen Cust, Engineering Research and Development Manager, Marks & Spencer Responsible retail is essential for a sustainable future, and Ecobuild’s Big Innovation Pitch with M&S will give...
Martin Hurn

Blog from Martin Hurn. Redefining sustainability: The latest steps

The wake of the Brexit vote (and its many implications with a new Prime Minister) has unsurprisingly seen a shift in priorities to accommodate tough economic conditions and the political agenda for...
Simon Woodward, ukDEA

Networks matter - Get to know District Energy

Conceived over 100 years ago, district energy systems that link buildings using a network of heating pipes are now gaining traction as an energy-efficient solution for urban and rural areas District...
World GBC

Green Offices Report

Employers, building owners, designers and developers throughout the world are showing that it pays to invest in greener offices that keep their occupants healthy and happy, a report from the World...

Nominations open for Rising Stars of the Built Environment

The UK Green Building Council and PRP are delighted to open nominations for the fifth annual Rising Star award. The award recognises an individual’s vision and success in highlighting the importance...
Rob Celotex

Sustainability that lasts

As my Grandfather was fond of saying many years ago ‘Waste not, want not’. This was before the word sustainability was invented, CO2 was something you learnt about in chemistry lessons and Climate...
Terri Wills, CEO, World Green Building Council

Hear Terri Wills on Share Radio

Hear from Terri Wills, CEO of World Green Building Council as she talks about World Green Building Week and Ecobuild on Share Radio earlier this week. You can also read Terri's blog post "changing...
Terri Wills, CEO, World Green Building Council

Changing Perspectives on Green Buildings

Terri Wills, CEO of World Green Building Council: Buildings must be transformed from simply functional infrastructure into part of the solution to combat global climate change. When people think...
Guy Thomson

Designing for a long life and the whole life

Effective lifecycle analysis of buildings means looking carefully at choice of materials Whole-life performance is a term that has traditionally referred to the total cost of building ownership, but...
Rob Holdway

The perfect circle. #SustainabilityIs

We have a problem facing us – and it’s a complex one. Densely populated mature nations of the West are consuming the bulk of world’s finite resources and energy, and there is rising demand from the...