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fringeThe Ecobuild Fringe was a forum for people to present and discuss ideas and achievements unique in the UK.

Addressing a variety of key topics, the 2016 Fringe followed on from last year’s very popular event with a bigger and even more impressive line-up of talks, debate and events. Each day's fringe content was themed roughly in line with the Ecobuild conference themes - Homes, Architecture and Next Generation... along with some great Infrastructure and Digital stuff!

As well as the hugely popular Pechakucha, there was also the new ‘Fringe Factor’ talks and competition - short soundbite presentations that showcased and addressed some impressive ideas and key issues.

View the 2016 Programme below:

Day One (8th March) Infrastructure and Digital

Chair: Antony Oliver

10.30 – 11.30 - FRINGE FACTOR presentations (each 10 min plus q and a)

  • Amanda Clack, EY / incoming pres RICS -  Driving value from data
  • Matthew Bell, Chief Executive, Committee on Climate Change - COP21 - will Paris transform UK construction?
  • Paul Oakley, Associate Director of BIM, BRE
  • Linda Taylor, Copper Consultancy – meeting the public perception of infrastructure
  • Andrew Cowell, MWH- BIM4Water- engaging asset owners with whole life value, collaboration and competition
  • Stu Jefford, Assistant Director, Sustainability & Climate Change, PwC- Valuing the wider impacts of infrastructure using natural capital

12.00 - 13.15 - NLA New Ideas for Housing at Ecobuild, Powered by PechaKucha

Quick-fire presentations on innovative projects from NLA's New Ideas for Housing Competition. 

Chaired by, Catherine Staniland, Deputy Director, New London Architecturre

  • Prof. Alex de Rijke, Director, dRMM Architects - ‘Wood Blocks’ 
  • Roland Brass, Senior Planner, GL Hearn - ‘Mega Plan for a Mega City’ 
  • Nikki Cutler, Associate Director, Pitman Tozer Architects - ‘Making More with Less’
  • Natasha Reid, Founder & Principal Designer, Natasha Reid Design - ‘Intimate Infrastructure’ 
  • Dr Riette Oosthuizen, Partner, Planning, HTA Design LLP - ‘Supurbia’ 
  • Tom Morgan, Architect, Bell Phillips Architects- 'Rooftop Re(Generation)'
  • Brendan Cuddihy, Senior Scientist | Environmental Consulting, Arup- 'ATAL Opportunity Areas'

13.30 – 14.45 - Seminar

“Designing infrastructure for the customers of the future”

Critical questions face infrastructure professionals as they design on behalf of the customers of the future including:

  • What does society want from infrastructure, what does it need, and how should the government regulate to reflect this?
  • How can digital technology continue to transform the infrastructure services delivered and consumed by clients and the public?
  • How can infrastructure deliver a better outcome – faster journey times, cheap and reliable energy, a clean and safe environment for their children?

The panel will address these questions drawing on their experiences from the past and present projects to challenge the Fringe audience to think harder about how they will approach projects of the future.


  • Linda Taylor, Copper Consultancy
  • Alistair Lenczner – Expedition Engineering
  • Michael Winhall, Carillion
  • Roger Hawkins – Hawkins Brown

15.00-16.00 – the Flooding Debate

“Learning from then winter floods – again”

  • Should annual flooding now be an accepted part of the UK winter weather cycle?
  • What can infrastructure professionals do to learn from this year’s flooding?
  • What should the government be doing?
  • Are there technical solutions – to prevent and so mitigate flooding?
  • How can residents living in flood plains do today to protect their property?

The panel will address these questions drawing on their experiences from the past and present projects to challenge the Fringe audience to think harder about how they will approach projects of the future.


  • Fola Ogunyoye, Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Paul Shaffer – CIRIA
  • David Wilkes, Arup
  • Peter Wilder, Peter Wilder Associates

16.15-17.00- Fringe Factor Presentations

The digital transformation of construction

  • Manuel Davila, CSIC, Cambridge, “the power of asset monitoring”
  • Henrik Falldin, Skanska, BIM at the sharp end
  • Mark Enzer, Mott MacDonald, the digital transformation of infrastructure 
  • Nigel Fraser, West One Management Consulting- Understanding the value of new materials and construction methods
  • John Slaughter, Home Builders Federation- "UK housing crisis - did the Lords get it right?"

17.00-17.30- Street Talk presentations

Day Two (9th March) Architecture and digital

Chair: Antony Oliver

10.30 – 11.45 - FRINGE FACTOR presentations (each 10 min plus q and a)

  • Alistair Kell, BDP,  Industry digital transformation
  • John Turzynski, Arup,  Transport infrastructure to drive urban and social redevelopment
  • Dr Colin Stuhlfelder, MCIAT, Industry Digital transformation
  • Richard Coutts, Baca Architects, Designers of the UKs first amphibious house, 
  • Gill Kelleher, SPECIFIC, Swansea University- Using Buildings as Power Stations- Creating housing fit for the future
  • Robin Howell, builder, the art of doing and making stuff
  • Miles Ashley, LUL Future transport – what the past can teach us about the future
  • Rory Olcayto, Open City- creating cities of the future
  • Brendan Geraghty, Geraghty Taylor Architects- Design the brand, design the building

11.55-12.0- Street Talk presentations

12.15-12.40- in conversation

Isabel Dedring, London Deputy Mayor for transport in conversation

12.45-13.45 Seminar

"Solving the UK housing crisis"

The UK faces a continued housing shortage. Ongoing urbanisation is pushing up demand particularly in economic hotspots such as London and the south east, creating ambitious annual construction targets of over 260,000 new homes a year and an ever widening affordability gap.

So is the solution a public sector challenge or a private sector opportunity? How can must UK cities build the need for new housing into wider economic development and transport policies. What additional financial incentives or penalties are needed to encourage the private sector to solve this problem?

The panel will address these questions drawing on their experiences from the past and present projects to challenge the Fringe audience to think harder about how they will approach projects of the future.


  • Peter Elliot, Transport for London
  • Robin Howell, builder
  • Rory Olcayto, Open City – cities of the future 
  • Simon Kaufman, residential team leader, AECOM
  • John O'Brien, Associate Director of Construction Innovation, BRE

13.45-14.45- Street Talk presentations

15:00-16.15- The Flooding Debate

“Building resilience - adapting to climate change”

Flooding is now becoming the norm as climate change leads to more intense periods of rainfall throughout the year. We must also live with greater extremes of temperature – hot and cold. So defending property and infrastructure is no longer enough. Built environment professionals must now adapt their designs to live with the increasing reality of climate change and work to make at risk housing, schools and all infrastructure more resilient to the inevitable change. The question is how to approach the challenge.

  • What are the technical barriers and opportunities?
  • Where can the UK learn from?
  • How will our communities have to change to adapt to this new norm?
  • How can the UK afford to embrace this change?

The panel will address these questions drawing on their experiences from the past and present projects to challenge the Fringe audience to think harder about how they will approach projects of the future.


  • Stephen Garvin, Director of BRE’s Centre for Resilience 
  • Enrico Isnenghi, WSP 
  • Richard Coutts, Baca Architects, Designers of the UKs first amphibious house
  • Sue Illman, consultant
  • Tim Broyd, Chair in Built Environment Foresight, UCL and vice president, ICE
  • John Twitchen, director, env23

16.30- 17.30 - Seminar presentations

“Embracing innovation”

  • Daniel Rossiter MCIAT - Embracing Innovation in Architecture
  • Paul Surin, Head of Built Environment, Wienerberger
  • Roger Bailey, Thames Tideway
  • Steve Thompson, BIM Consultant PCSG
  • Sun Yan Evans, Technical Director, Mott MacDonald, New approach to coastal flood forecasting & warning
  • Mat Colmer, Digital Catapult, BDx (Building Data Exchange)
  • Nick Tune, CEO coBuilder UK, The Skanska data implementation programme

Day Three (10th March) The Next Generation- embracing future talent and tools

Chair: Antony Oliver

10.30 – 11.40 - Fringe Factor presentations 

  • Pauline Traetto, Director of BRE Academy, The BRE Academy Skills Gap Survey
  • Manon Bradley, Development Director, Major Projects Association, Tackling the diversity challenge
  • Craig Jones, Circular Ecology, an update on the value of carbon accounting
  • Pascale Martinez, Bentley Systems, Tools for the future- skills the embrace the changing world of infrastructure
  • Nick Grace, Royal College of Art, 3D printing and the impact of technology on design
  • Dr Andy Dengel, BRE, The air quality challenge

11.40 – 12.05 - The Green Construction Board presents: reduce carbon, reduce cost - the Infrastructure Carbon Review and PAS 2080

  • Chris Newsome, GCB/Anglian Water 

12.15 -13.00 - panel discussion

Landscape Institute and the Building Centre – “Beyond The Green Belt”


  • Lewis Blackwell, The Building Centre
  • Paul Lincoln, Landscape Institute
  • Andy Meader, Director of Pegasus Group
  • Paul Miner, Planning and Campaign Manager, CPRE

13.00 – 13.15 - Street Talk Presentations

13.30 – 14.45 - Flooding Debate

“Without know how there’s no way”

  • The social impact of flooding
  • Driver for behaviour change around living with water and flood potential
  • The impact of Flood Re and the changing approach to managing risk


  • Clare Dinnis, Deputy Director of Strategy and Investment, Environment Agency 
  • Roland Grzybek, CH2M WEM National Framework Manager
  • Gavin Scaife, Technical Consultant Property, Aviva Property
  • Jim Barrack- Tilt-dam
  • Sarah Marriott, Flood Advisory Service

15.00-16.15 - Seminar

"Next Generation- skills, talent and tools to transform the built environment future"

  • Chris North, Morgan Sindall
  • Joshua Macabuag, Research Engineer, EPICentre, UCL
  • Sakthy Selvakumaran, PHD Researcher, University of Cambridge

The ICE inspiration panel tackles the challenges:

  • Training/education
  • Public perception/ media

Ecobuild 2017

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