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 06-08 March 2018 / ExCeL, London

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When you want to take a break at the event, make your way over to the showcase installation 'The Hive™' - as created by the socially minded, landscape architecture and design collective The Edible Bus Stop® Studio.

Edible Bus Stop

For the second year running, the Edible Bus Stop Studio will be returning to ecobuild and this time they're building a full scale pocket park. Sponsored by MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, this will be a key feature in the heart of the Green & Blue Infrastructure district. Highlighting the use of pocket parks in promoting community integration, as well as health and wellbeing. Following ecobuild the pocket will be used within a grey space in a London Borough.

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly, timber construction and landscaping materials, and as part of the Coillte Forestry Group, MEDITE SMARTPLY believes in sustainability from our very core. MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, the product used to manufacture the planters in the Ecobuild ‘Urban Park’ is a revolutionary type of MDF, using certified timber and natural preservation techniques meaning it offers a guarantee of up to 50 years when used externally. The sustainability doesn’t stop at Ecobuild, however, as post-show, the planters will be transferred to another site where they will live the rest of their lives in an urban garden and sports park, aimed at reducing childhood obesity. A great product, featuring great design, for a great cause!

Delivered in association with headline sponsor MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (for the unit's construction material) and GRIPSURE PRO (for the decking), The Hive™ is the place to experience first-hand the characteristics and multiple benefits of Biophilic design. With its modular hexagonal planters and seating, the design delivers a pocket park that can tessellate to suit a variety of locations. The design demonstrates how a small green space can promote social interaction, improve biodiversity, aid a sense of well-being, as well as provide assistance in the sequestering of air pollution.

The wide-ranging benefits of green spaces in the urban realm are acknowledged in numerous studies internationally. The growing body of evidence on their vital importance for our urban populations' mental and physical health indicates we need more, not less green space in our built up areas. By providing opportunities for social interaction and enhancing perceptions of safety, they can facilitate a reduction in antisocial behaviour, creating longer-term economic advantages for local government and businesses alike.

These small green spaces create hubs for people to interact with each other, helping to reduce social isolation and provide a calming space for cognitive restoration away from stressful environments. This in turn, can assist improvements in productivity when back at work or in the home. With the majority of the UK’s population now living in urban areas, accessible green spaces are intrinsic to improving our standard of living. Their economic benefits far outweigh their set up and maintenance costs. At a time when time and money is lost by lack of productivity and sick days taken, along with the enormous cost on our health services, of the urban sedentary lifestyle and associated health issues, the wide ranging positive impact of these accessible green spaces should not be under estimated.

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