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 06-08 March 2018 / ExCeL, London

Offsite construction is the future of the housing market

Friday 1 December by: Stephanie Cockram, Marketing and Events Executive at Brooke Homes

The crisis in the housing industry has been at the forefront of the news agenda for some time. The message from Government is clear; there’s an urgent need for affordable, quality homes and more needs to be done to deliver those properties. We believe offsite construction is the future of the housing development market and Brooke Homes is at the forefront of this movement.

Our property development company is focused on taking modular build developments to the next level. We use a new and innovative construction method, which is both cost and time effective. At the moment our off-site facility can manufacture 15 x 3 storey homes (45 volumetric units) at any one time; this means we’re able to complete 3 homes (9 volumetric units) a week on our current project in Chatham, Kent. With a target of building 82 houses and 28 apartments on the site, the benefits of this method are clear.

From our point of view, this is only the beginning. We have a clear goal to replicate the production of homes on a larger scale. Soon we will introduce purpose built pop-up factories that aim to speed up construction by 70-80% and solve many of the challenges facing the industry. Some of the biggest limitations facing construction today are the reducing numbers of skilled labourers and delays caused by the weather. The beauty of our pop-up factories is that they can eliminate the effects that rain and wind can have, therefore speeding up construction. Simultaneously, our factories allow us to control our costs in a more effective manner and assist in reducing waste. They also provide an attractive workspace and opportunity to develop talents and skills, combating the reducing numbers in skilled labourers.

We understand that homes constructed using offsite technology are yet to be widely adopted and we understand that prospective homeowners may have reservations about the properties, but we want to set the record straight and send out a clear message. Cutting edge construction methods mean that we can offer the same design flexibility as traditional builds. We aren’t restricted when it comes to internal layout, façade or spec. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) deliver huge benefits to homeowners. Modular homes offer more internal floor space, habitable roof space and excellent thermal performance. The insulation used brings down heating costs and cold spots are eliminated.

The environmental benefits are also significant. Our biggest goal for the future is to achieve carbon neutral homes at an affordable price. We’re already making significant advancements in energy efficiency by improving air tightness and waste management to successfully achieve lower running costs. 

We’re excited to display one of our homes at ecobuild. By bringing a full scale build to the event we can clearly demonstrate the benefits modular homes can have and explain how Brooke Homes is playing a vital role in helping to solve the housing crisis.

ecobuild’s aim to offer real solutions to issues in the current housing environment rather than just debating the problems aligns perfectly with our objectives and future goals.



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