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 06-08 March 2018 / ExCeL, London

David Birkbeck

David Birkbeck

CEO, Design for Homes
United Kingdom

David Birkbeck has led Design for Homes since incorporating it in 2000 as a social enterprise to promote what works best in housing. It campaigns for homes to be better designed and produced in greater volumes and David initiated John Prescott’s £60k/house competition in 2007, the fruits of which were doomed by the credit crunch.

David is both a judge and director of the government’s Housing Design Awards. He wrote the Building for Life design tool in 2002 and in 2010 co-wrote a version for the era of the NPPF, leading to the recent Housing White Paper proposals for it to be used by planning authorities to raise quality.

David is an NHBC councillor and sat on a special advisory board at the Homes and Communities Agency from 2008 to its closure in 2015. One of his proudest moments was as part of the team that developed the HAPPI report recommendations to make specialist homes designed for seniors at least as appealing as general market-sale homes.


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