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 06-08 March 2018 / ExCeL, London

Dr Julie Futcher

Dr Julie Futcher

Architect and consultant on applied urban climatology
United Kingdom

Julie is a qualified architect with interests in sustainable urban design and the role of buildings modifying the climates of neighbouring buildings and the outdoors with a PhD in the College of Engineering and Architecture, University College Dublin (Ireland) on the contributions of buildings and of urban form to the urban climate. Her research is multi-disciplinary in its approach, drawing on the expertise of architects, engineers, geographers and climatologists. She is currently working on the early stage development a broad planning framework, that accounts for ‘built form’ driven effects, to guide urban development in a climate sensitive manner’. This research includes the investigation through field studies of how building and urban form influences passive resources associated with air quality and microclimate formation i.e., solar access, wind and ventilation.

She has applied her expertise to the study of the impacts of tall buildings in cities and has developed novel approaches to link urban design with the experiences of pedestrians and urban dwellers. This research focuses on the dynamic and interdependent influence of built form on the background conditions and how these can be optimised to promote comfortable healthy environment that encourage more sustainable urban practices.


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